Marilyn, la seule idole

When love goes wrong (nothing goes right)

When love goes wrong, nothing goes right
This one thing I know
When love goes wrong, a man takes flight
And women get petty hope
The sun don't beam
The moon don't shine
The tide don't even flow
A clock won't strike
A match won't light
When love goes wrong, nothing goes right
The blues all gather 'round you and day is dark as night
A man is fit to live with and a woman's a sorry sight
A woman's a fright, a terrible sight
A man goes out, gets high as a kite,
Love is something you just can't fight
You can't fight it, honey you can't fight it
When love goes wrong, nothing
No bars, honey, just stand by and old
Nothing goes right
It's like we said
You're better off dead
When love has lost it's glow
So take this down in black and white
When love goes wrong, nothing goes right

Duo avec Jane Russell.
Paroles et musique d'Hoagy Carmichael et Harold Adamson.
Tirée du film Les hommes préfèrent les blondes/Gentlemen prefer blondes.

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