Marilyn, la seule idole


Kiss, kiss me, hold, hold me
Kiss me, hold me, kiss me, hold me

Kiss, kiss me
Say you miss, miss me
Kiss me, love, with heavenly affection
Hold, hold me close to you
Hold me see me through
With all your heart's protection

Thrill, thrill me with your charms
Take me in your arms
And make my life perfection
Kiss, kiss me, darling
Then kiss me once again
Make my dreams come true

Kiss me hold me, take me, thrill me
Kiss me, this is the moment
Oh thrill me
Thrill me, thrill me, mmmm
With your charms
Take me, take me
In your arms
And make my life perfection
Take me
Darling, don't forsake me
Kiss me, hold me tight
Love me, love me tonight

Kiss me, hold me, take me, love me
Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

Paroles et musique de Lionel Newman et Haven Gillepsie.
Tirée du film Niagara.

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